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ClicHome System

A home automation system is not simply a set of products.
A home automation system is a system in which the products are only a single part, the body.
The other part, the one that probably matters the most, is the software, in other words, the soul.
This consideration, this lucid awareness, has led us to stay away from the idea, and the temptation to "sell" a product or a set of products for home automation.

We do not sell products, we create systems. We, of ClicHome, are the soul of our plants.
So ours are integrated solutions, in which the hardware proposed is one with the choices made in a stage of careful design and with the software, that will be realized ​​from time to time on the specifications of each project.

This is why all the brands we distribute in the territory and the products designed and realized by us are never sold as individual products, but always and only as part of a more complex ClicHome system. All to ensure the quality of the system as a whole, which only really concerns to the end user.

Modus Operandi


The ClicHome procedure was developed with two main goals: top quality of the installation, maximum simplicity for the installer.

Step I - Design
The first step is the creation of the executive project of home automation.
The ClicHome project is developed in two parts. A first descriptive part in which are given the specifications of all products and systems included in the project, as well as wiring diagrams. The second part provides the executive floor plans and the block diagram.

Step II - Assistance on site
The project is delivered on site to the electrician, the client and the construction manager. One of our technicians explains step by step the project to the installers. It is the first step in a relationship that will last throughout the execution of the work. Our technicians in fact will be back to check and give directions at various stages to ensure the execution of the wiring to perfection.

Step III - As Built
Before delivery and installation of components is provided the on-site verification, making and sharing any changes. So the initial project is corrected and updated, and draws up the final As Built

Step IV - Programming
According to what defined on site and agreed with the customer, the material is prepared and planned in our location. The material is delivered on site ready and equipped with technical information, piece by piece, explaining wiring and operation.

Step V - Installation
The components are assembled on site by the installer with the presence of one of our technicians. The products are already operating under the specifications of the system. All translates in a snap. The system is up and running, a sort of assembly box, without the need for programming on site or complex configurations by the installer.

Step VI - Final Programming
The system is verified on site by our technician with work director and customer. this way, emerge any changes to the settings of the system in order to "fit" better to the customer.

Step VII - Supervision and control
Finished the system and relative works, we povide for the realization of graphics for the supervision and control of the system. Touch screen, remote control, iPad and other tablets are modified according to the specifications given by the customer.

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