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The first step for those who want to enter in the world of home automation

From the simple scene all off leaving home, to the most complex play of light and color ClicHome lights management system will always be able to meet your needs.

Designed as the first step for those who want to enter in the world of home automation, the light module will allow you to add, and without building works, all our solutions for a real smart home.


The system is designed entirely on Konnex open standard, to guarantee maximum reliability and interoperability with products of other companies.

No limit to the type of lamps that can be dimmed, from traditional incandescent light bulbs to modern LEDs at constant voltage or constant current. And for even more complex systems are available integration interfaces, with a variety of lighting protocols, such as DALI and DMX.

Also, for those who want to realize a system without the need for cables and building works, there is our solution TOTAL WIRELESS HOME.

A lighting management system that is eco-friendly and completely wireless. But ClicHome is not only home automation. Over 40 models of design keypads selected from around the world will be at your disposal to transform the old button, into an element of design.

ClicHome, Home Automation and Design.

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