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A twilight sensor controls the various light settings according to the environmental lighting. A range of options can be started from the reception according to different situations. Everything will be managed from one spot by one person.


The watering system is managed by a weather station. If rainy, it gets automatically blocked, in order to avoid energy and water consumption. A humidity sensor in the soil will water according to the effective need, securing the constant care of the green areas.

Entrance Automation and Management

The access to various areas is allowed solely to the staff and the clientele, automatically. All the entrances are memorized by the reception PC indicating the time, date and authorized person.

A wind sensor automatically closes the curtains, if the wind is too strong. A cover net for the swimming pool will be closed if it’s rainy.

Sound diffusion

The outdoor areas, divided into zones, feature omnidirectional acoustic diffusors. Every outdoor area can be managed with different tunes, in order to arrange a visual and acoustic journey. Ignition and track sequence can be timed and started automatically.

Domotica Alberghi - Giardini ed aree comuni

Hotel Gioia - Project By Arch. Muro Vincenzo - Building Automation by ClicHome

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