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Lighting and Automations:

Lights and charges are disabled once the guests are out of the room. The blinds are set automatically according to the solar exposure. Solid dimmers lower the lighting consumption. Everything by the top energetic efficiency.


The temperature can be set directly from the reception area. The customer can be allowed to change the desired temperature within a pre-defined range. When the guest pulls the hotel card out of the badge pocket, the temperature will automatically switch to stand-by mode, avoiding wastage. Any kind of contact turns off the air-conditioning systems in case windows are open or when the cleaning staff enters the room.

Sound Diffusion:

A button, a screen touch and a song library is available to our guest’s ears. The alarm can also be set automatically ringing by our guest’s favorite tune, in order to arrange the perfect environment.

External Card Reader:

The external reader allows the access to the customer and to the staff, warning the reception at the same time.
A bright Led swill signal the DO NOT DISTURB mode. ACCESSS CONTROL

Intelligent Badge Pocket:

Once the card is inserted, the system will automatically enable all the uses and utilities and will disable them when the card is pulled out. The pocket recognizes the staff as well, signaling the reception with a REARRANGED ROOM mode.

Idock for iPad:

A dock station for iPhones and iPads. The guest inserts his device and all the contents are automatically available through the sound diffusion of the room or the tv. MORE INFORMATION

Touch Screen:

A small touch screen represents a luxury and distinctive element for a modern hotel. Our guest will, therefore, be able to set the features of his own room, send messages to the reception or scroll down the restaurant daily menu while booking room service for breakfast. MORE INFORMAZION TOUCH SCREEN

Internet, Voip, PayTV:

Internet, phone service and PayTV are basic demands from the average nowadays guest of a hotel. Such requirements will be charged, if requested. The internal badge charges the bill directly on the customer’s account when he checks out, preventing the staff’s direct request and any type of errors.


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