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The exceptional wellness area is also a complex facility which is not exactly easy to manage for the personnel. From the basic swimming pool with the jacuzzi system to the Turkish bath, to the kramer shower, everything is constantly monitored and supervised.

The ClicHome building automation, which features devices to integrate all the SPA functions, helps the staff. No technical skill is required. Everything can be managed by only one person at the reception. Every difficulty is simplified and the whole technical procedure will be handled by our software, automatically and with no errors.

ClicHome offers you the possibility to manage, in a simple efficient way, a resort that will be described by the guest as “perfect”. But if the imagination is human, as we all know, perfection is only left to compters.

Spa - Centro Benessere

SPA Gioia - Project By C+L STUDIO - Building Automation by ClicHome

Air-conditioning and Quality

Every area in the Wellness Center features a temperature and humidity probe in the air, in order to grand the optimal air-conditioning settings, even in such a mild context, specifically using a tenth of degree.

A CO2 probe manages the air recycling in the indoor areas, for a successful wellness.

Sound diffusion

Every area and every SPA zone must be accompanied by the right music. Marine diffusors, built to last longer, and an integrated building automation system succeed in such purpose.

In the beauty treatments rooms, a small touch wall screen allows the staff to coordinate the music to the ongoing circumstances.

Swimming Pool

Quality sensors and water temperature, integrated with a progressive management system for pumps and filters, will give the best service to our guests by being constantly monitored by the reception staff. Each malfunction is signaled in real time, not only when the equipment is checked on periodically.


In order to arrange the perfect environment and give the best comfort to our customers, being able to control lights, temperature and sounds is not enough. A system made of microdust diffusors, manageable from the reception or by automatic mode, will spread the ideal aroma in every area, accordingly. The ClicHome diffusors allow to blend several aromas in several proportions and in real time, releasing unique combinations.


Thanks to ClicHome Automation Building integration in color switching LED systems, every situation can be matched to a particular shade. A healthy concept that begins from the air quality and reaches the auditory, olfactory and visual senses.


A badge reader in every entrance will automatically charge the guest for all the extra services he enjoyed in the wellness center. All under control, no wastage and no intervention from the hotel staff.

Spa - Centro Benessere

SPA Gioia - Project By C+L STUDIO - Building Automation by ClicHome



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