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The digital era of entertainment Audio and Audio-video

Managing the audio in every room from the touch screen, integrating sound and light scenarios suitable for any situation, the pleasure of a simple and responsive system, always properly synchronized with your personal music library: the multiroom audio of the new millennium is above all this, simplicity and integration.

Whatever audio system you choose, ClicHome has the right solution to integrate it into its home automation system, to make the listening experience completely satisfying.

Thanks to the ClicHome integration between home automation and multiroom audio, you can control the different audio areas from your touch screen or iPad, integrating control from the normal buttons or many design keypads composing the ClicHome offer, including listening to specific tracks in the scenarios we're going to realize for you.

ClicHome gives you the freedom to choose the audio system that is right for you, without any limitation due to integration necessities. Choose from high-quality analog systems to innovative network systems such as SONOS, always controlling everything from home automation


The digital era of Audio and Audio-Video entertainment

Multiroom audio-video systems allow you to share and manage all your multimedia contents such as movies, photos and music on all the TVs in the house.
It is the pleasure of having a library of constantly updated contents accessible from any TV in your home and enjoyable in every room independently of one another.

ClicHome integrates all these solutions in its own home automation system with the simplicity of being able to manage your multiroom audio-video system by ClicHome touch or from your Tablet (iPhone / iPad or Android). One and only integrated remote control, to control lights, air conditioning, automation, but also tv, sky, bluray and movies in each room.

All with simply one remote control, that's ClicHome integration.

Our choice for the speakers: GARVAN

The Garvan is on the market with a complete catalog able to meet any need in residential and not only.
From the already famous DROP speakers, available in virtually any color and finishing, to "in wall", all the Garvan products can be customized according to the aesthetic and acoustic requirements of our clients.

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ClicHome, Garvan Acoustic dealer.

Audio e Audiovideo

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