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Anti-theft, video surveillance, access control: a house safely.

The burglar alarm automation as the only viable alternative to the now obsolete anti-theft Traditional alarm.
More secure and reliable, the digital system is flexible and can be integrated with other functions of your home automation system, and makes possible applications such as off Overall, the simulation of presence at anti-theft inserted, the control path Internet and much more. Maximum safety available.

Sicurezza, Antifurto, videosorveglianza, controllo accessi

A safe home even inside

Security also means timely management of contingencies. Safety module allows you to integrate your home automation system with functions such as the closure of the valve in the general case of flooding, gas leak alarm, fire alarm, medallion anti-panic, anti-robbery. Moreover, this module includes the bio-breakers, devices that interrupt the current inside the outlet with no load, eliminating the risk of electric shock, and reducing pollution.
A totally safe room for the whole family.

House keys at your fingertips

In the biometric system your fingerprint is your access key. This module is the optimum solution for opening the front door or the gate of your house. Besides being convenient and safe, it is a flexible system that allows the approval of one or more fingerprints only on certain days or times.
Excellent for monitor or restrict the access to your personal service.

At home like and when you want it.

With IP technology also the world of video surveillance has entered in the digital era. The images are simultaneously recorded and stored on an internal memory of the cameras and an HD network, installation, for example, in your office, making it virtually impervious to your installation surveillance. The high definition images will allow you to capture even the smallest details, useful in case of intruders, and seamless integration with your home automation system will allow you to check, via a PC or handheld, any false alarms, or that home automation commands sent were actually performed by the plant.
A house where you can be there whenever you are needed.


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