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iHome is the new concept of home automation totally managed from the iPad / iPhone.
The ideal solution, flexible and elegant for the new ClicHome home automation.

A single simple device completely wireless and easily available on the market, which controls all the functions of your home, such as lighting, automation, burglar alarm, air-conditioning and even audio and video multiroom. Solution developed by ClicHome since 2008, has been constantly updated and improved, with the aim of improving the graphic aspect, reliability and integrated functions.

Always lovers of the link between technology and design, we have enriched our iHome offer with the introduction of motorized or fixed supports for the installation of the iPad on the wall. A clean and minimalist solution that turns your tablet into a piece of design as well as a tool for the control of your home automation system.

Always abreast of technological developments and enthusiasts of open solutions, from 2012 our iHome package opens to the Android world, with the ability to integrate into our home automation solutions also new Tablets and Smartphones.

IDOCK per iPad


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