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The irresistible charm of technology lies in its constant and rapid evolution.
As soon as a new solution becomes familiar, known, new frontiers to explore are already
opening up.

Home automation is no exception. Just born, already evolving. With new products, with new features and solutions. Technology, especially computer science, makes life easier, comfortable... when it works.

In home automation reliability is a core value, and even more is simplicity in use.
ClicHome over the years has been able to combine these opposing needs of those who, like us, love technology.

Constant evolution, experimentation, and reliability at the same time.
Trendsetting and extreme simplicity. Non stop research, non stop testing, verifying, improving. Inspired by the love for home automation and design, today ClicHome is the perfect balance, the right mix of passion and profession, between experiment and experience. Today ClicHome is your partner for your new home automation, able to offer the highest reliability and the security of a home automation system "up to date"

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